New research regarding the vulnerabilities and threats in mobile applications has found that iPhone and iPad users are not as secure as they might imagine, leaving their personal data at risk. The report, published this week, reveals that an alarming number of iOS apps are critically insecure.

The yearly analysis of mobile application security from Positive Technologies found that some 38% of Apple iOS apps contained critical vulnerabilities. This compares with a slightly higher number of Android apps, 43%, which the report says can be categorized as a minimal difference and means the security level of apps is roughly equivalent across both platforms.

Most of the vulnerabilities were, the researchers say, caused by weaknesses in security mechanisms that creep in during the design stage of development; in 54% of the Android apps but 74% for the iOS ones. Roughly one third of all vulnerabilities, on the client application side of both platforms, were classified as being high risk.

The reason I am calling out the iOS numbers rather than the Android ones has nothing to do with me being an Android fanatic; I have happily owned and used both Android and iOS devices across the years. Rather it has everything to do with the ill-judged but popular assumption that somehow iPhone and iPad devices do not have security issues.

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