A little less than a month ago, DJI branched out from the world of gimbals and drones with the release of the Osmo Action, a new action camera that put GoPro firmly in the company’s sites. Now it’s back with another new category: educational fighting robots.

The RoboMaster S1 seems like an odd fit at first, but the company’s quick to point out that robotics are an important part of DJI’s  DNA. Founder and CEO Frank Wang studied robotics in school, and in recent years, the company has put on a series of robotic fighting tournaments in China under the RoboMasters banner.

The S1 takes its name from the competition, but this is a much more consumer-focused approach to the category, in line with offerings like DJI’s Mavic line. It’s also the first major step into the world of education, with a product that ships in 46 unassembled pieces and requires coding learning to really get off the ground.

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