Friday, June 5, 2020
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Drone motors make wonderfully grungy synth music


There’s no shortage of ways for synthesizers to generate sounds. Generally they rely on one of two tried and true technologies — analog or digitaloscillators. Gamechanger Audio, however, went a completely different route and turned to…

motors (hence Motor Synth). These aren’t the chaotic, gas-burning engines you’d find in a truck though. These are eight high-precision, brushless motors (like those used in drones).So how does it work?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. The motors spin at a specific RPM that corresponds with a particular audio frequency. For example, plug in a MIDI keyboard, press middle C and the motors will immediately start whirring at a frequency of 261.63Hz.

To be clear, what you hear when you press that button isn’t the actual sound of the motors. (Though they are, unsurprisingly, quite audible.) Instead, magnetic pickups are used to capture the electromagnetic energy through induction, which is then turned into musical notes.

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