After a long wait, and three trailers in the last month, Final Fantasy VII Remaster was in playable form at E3. The early, 15-minute demo answers a lot of my questions and concerns regarding the remake’s battle system and game dynamics — suddenly all that talk of active time battle gauges, abilities, staggering and player switching made much more sense.

Square Enix laid up the demo in a smart fashion, kicking things off with a video to explain how the aforementioned combat system, all led by one of the game’s minor characters.

FF7R attempts to straddle the sudden battle dynamics of Kingdom Heartsor Final Fantasy XV and the slower paced menu-led “active time battle” system of earlier FF games and the original FF7.

I was a little confused by Square Enix’s explanation during its E3 showcase last night. The system seemed overly complicated; as if I would be pressing several buttons nearly all the time. Yes, it’s more involved than the game it’s based on, but once you get down to it, it begins to work together pretty well.

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