There is nothing like a social-media war to inspire nuttiness from all sides, and the latest is the furor over YouTube’s decision to “demonetize” Steve Crowder.

Which means the comedian can still post stuff on the platform but can’t raise money directly through it. Should we care? Yes, but the remedy isn’t what people think.First, let’s dispose of the dumb arguments.

Some folks argue that the social-media giantsshould never exclude anyone. Not so. They exclude a lot of nasties, people like Hamas, revenge-porn posters and white nationalists. You want to go to the mattresses for them? Be my guest, but count me out.

Others say that there is no need for a government response, because there are no barriers to entry. But that doesn’t sound right, either. Google employs 100,000 people, many of them high-skilled techies. The company’s search engine has an unmatched ability to dig down into obscure files. Not anyone can launch his own platform.

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