I wrote a lot about the Galaxy Fold here. After a week with the device, I was left with mixed feelings independent of the whole ongoing display saga. The TLDR; of it is the story of a first-generation device that’s full of promise but still a bit clunky and prohibitively priced.

Of course, the real reason we couldn’t possibly recommend the device is the high percentage of issues around the device. Samsung issued a handful of early units to reviewers and multiple devices returned with broken screens. Samsung was quick to downplay the issue, but ultimately apologized, issued early findings and pushed the release back to an undisclosed date.

The Fold was supposed to be released today, and until Monday, Samsung had us convinced that it would hit that optimistic time frame. The fact of it all, however, is that the timing was always in question. The device was officially unveiled at an event in February. A week later at Mobile World Congress, the closest we got to the device was the other side of a plate of display glass and a velvet rope. It doesn’t exactly instill confidence in a product.

Later that day, Huawei gave us hands-on time with its own (still unreleased) foldable, the Mate X. Granted, the time was limited and a rep was hovering over us the whole time, but being able to touch the device goes a long way.

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