Maingear has teamed with flight sim outfit Honeycomb Aeronautical on a desktop PC designed for flight simulator nerds. “Honeycomb by Maingear” is built to handle the complex demands of airplane sims, with triple-monitor support and a built-in USB hub to handle your yoke, rudder pedals, throttle, panels and other sundry sim hardware. It comes installed with X-Plane 11 and everything is set up to ensure a plug-and-play experience, the companies say.

Despite the death of Microsoft Flight Simulator almost a decade ago, the flight-sim community has never been more active. They’re increasingly popular these days for pilot training, too — as a private pilot, I can verify that good-quality SIMs can keep your skills sharp and help you prepare for tricky cross-country flights and instrument approaches. That said, setting up a flight sim can be a pain, so the bundle makes sense for a lot of users.

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