For most professional enterprise-grade business software users, Microsoft is not really a games company. For Xbox users and games-focused software application developers, Microsoft does of course represent a real force in gaming technology. It is because of this duality of interests that we find an interesting intersection point between the company’s game technologies… and the positioning of it Azure Cloud and other core programming mainstays such as Visual Studio.

Recent news from Redmond saw a coming together of the all of Microsoft’s tools (the serious enterprise ones, plus the ones used for games development) into one more complete software programming ecosystem. This is Microsoft Game Stack, so how will it all work?

Two-billion gamers can’t be wrong

Corporate vice president for the Microsoft Gaming Cloud Kareem Choudhry reminds us that today, there are some two-billion active gamers in the world today — and he means all gamers from serious Fortnite-toting headset-wearing teenage nerds to casual Angry Birds smartphone players.

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