The unveiling of the Radeon 5000 family and Ryzen third-gen chips at Computex made it clear this was going to be a special year for AMD. Its latest CPUs include a monster 12-core chip for just $499.

And with its latest video cards, the Radeon RX 5700 ($399) and RX 5700 XT ($349), AMD is finally bringing its long awaited “Navi” architecture (now called Radeon DNA, or RDNA) to a consumer GPU.

But NVIDIA was paying attention. Last week it announced beefed up “Super” versions of its RTX cards, which, on paper, seemed to erase AMD’s performance advantage.

All of this is great news for gamers, who now have a strong new lineup of affordable mid-range graphics cards to choose from. But AMD is once again at risk of being overshadowed by its flashier competitor. (No wonder it rushed out a last-minute price drop.)

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