Here’s a look at the new features that could make the 2020 iPhone Apple’s top seller — and more bad news about TouchID on this year’s iPhone 11. In this week’s Apple Core roundup we’re also looking at the next-generation AirPods, which could launch a lot sooner than we expected, and the latest MacBook updates Apple just announced.

3D Touch is on the chopping block… again
The rumors about Apple eliminating 3D touch in the iPhone 11 keep on coming. A new report from DigiTimes this week, citing industry sources, suggests the manufacturers who build the touch units will make less money this year as Apple switches to lower-cost components.

This would support what longtime Apple analyst Ming Chi Quo suggested a few weeks back about eliminating this feature. Based on the recent iOS 13 beta code, it would seem as though the functionality will remain to some extent, but it may be a haptic touch-like function similar to what we saw in the iPhone XR rather than a proper 3D Touch.

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