Let’s see, what happened this week? We got another hint that Red Dead Redemption 2 will come to PC, a developer doesn’t want people to think their game is too political, and Epic has tried to smooth things over after a controversial exclusivity deal. Yep, sounds like a week of PC gaming here in 2019. Here’s what happened:

• Developers tell people to pirate their games instead of using G2A

Game developers are again battling with key reseller G2A, which claimed in response that it would pay developers 10 times what they lose due to credit card fraud, if they can prove it. I don’t think most developers are about to have a change of heart, whatever G2A offers.

• Rampant racism and toxicity are driving players away from Mordhau

The developer says it will address the problems in its community, but that it’s currently “stretched thin with major important content additions.” And after some back-and-forth this week, it said that there are no plans to add the option to disable diverse character creation options, should they exist in the future, as was originally suggested to us.

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