Welcome to another weekly news round up. We’ve seen alien invasions, a few fun controversies, and footage that may have ruined Toy Story for us forever. Let’s get to it.

• GTA’s new Casino update is unavailable in more than 50 countries

Games continue to run afoul of differing regional approaches to gambling rules. Regulators are still making their minds up about loot box mechanics, but the combination of real money purchases and familiar casino games in this update seems to have gone against Rockstar in this case.

• China’s anti-addiction regulations put American game developers in an awkward moral situation

Steven continues to investigate the state of game publishing in China.

• Every Cyberpunk 2077 player gets exactly the same in-game content

In a world of platform-exclusive items and levels, this is welcome.

• Team Fortress 2’s hat economy has crashed. Whoops!

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