Some of the most popular mobile games have player bases far exceeding those of big-name, AAA console titles. And where simple but addictive puzzlers like Candy Crush Saga used to be the pinnacle, we now have much more elaborate and engaging games like PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor. Already this year, we’ve seen a resurgence of devices aimed specifically at the ‘mobile-gamers’ demographic. In Europe, there’s now one more: The Black Shark, which recently went on sale, starting at the introductory price of €469/£409 (roughly $525).

The phone isn’t strictly new. It launched earlier this year in China, and there’s already a sequel of sorts available in the region. You probably won’t have heard of Black Shark, but it’s not so much an anonymous company as a Xiaomi side project that’s using the electronics-giant’s money and manufacturing resources. It’s a semi-startup focused exclusively on mobile gaming, but what exactly makes the Black Shark (yes, it’s a namesake device) a gaming phone as opposed to just, a phone?

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