EA DICE is about to release the first of Battlefield V’s numerous major updates, and it’s clear that the studio wants to start off on a strong note. “Overture” is launching December 4th with an intriguing (and apparently “emotional”) single-player story, “The Last Tiger,” as its centerpiece. You join an isolated Tiger tank crew in the last days of World War II as it not only tries to fend off the Allies in a hopeless last stand, but starts to “question the ideology” that led them to that situation. It might not represent a grand philosophical discussion, but it’s weightier material than you might have expected for a free post-launch story.

Of course, there are plenty of multiplayer additions. Tanks get more time in the spotlight through a new Panzerstorm map that supports up to 17 vehicles at once, while those who want to hone their skills can visit the Practice Range or play the arcade-like Driving Trial and Shooting Trial. You’ll have more options for customization, too — you can decorate your aircraft or tank to make a lasting impression when your on-foot gear isn’t enough.

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