NASA’s mission to Mars in 2020 is a very, very big deal. After the death of Opportunity a number of months back, NASA has just one rover left on the Red Planet and Curiosity isn’t exactly a spring chicken. Curiosity’s two-year mission has long since lapsed and the rover has spent nearly 2,500 days on Mars since landing back in 2012.

Now, with excitement over the Mars 2020 mission at a fever pitch, NASA is offering us all a seat right inside its Jet Propulsion Laboratory where the rover is slowly taking shape. A newly installed webcam provides a live look at the scientists hard at work testing and assembling all the important parts that will make the new rover tick.

The cam is set up in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s clean room, where engineers dressed in white suits add to the rover and ensure its various components are in good working order for its eventual launch.

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